More arts and illusive muses


First off, I don’t even know how I drew this, I went into this picture hoping it would look like this actually, but often things never turn out that way. I’ve been working more on my Tartarus Senshi but ‘Taker-Mused popped up and said “HELLO! You are to think about me now.” As much as I kind of enjoy the worlds that pop up in my mind when ‘Taker-Muse is in control of my imagination, “he” is a pain in the arse, as it never lets up, my other muses, at the very lest, let me sleep, “he” likes to keep me up till 2:30am trying to pull me out of bed and keep writing.

So, yeah, I’ve been writing a ‘Taker fan-fic again, its going well, I think…

Taker-Muse: You forgot to mention that I’ve all but disappeared now…

Yes, well… you’re back now, arent you?! *cough* anywho….

I am very much looking forward to RAW tomorrow when the actual Undertaker should return! Yay! I am also thinking about re-posting my Fic’s here, but for now, they are safe on my FF.Net page (link on the sidebar.)

Caitlin xx

PS. He can have long hair if I want him to! Its mah drawing! 😛