In the works


I first made my “Olympian Senshi” in early 2009, just as a little bit of fun, and, you know, everyone in any fandom has their own character. I didnt give much thought to any stories or the like, just made Sailor Persephone and gave her a couple of other Senshi to go along with her. The more I’ve looked at their pictures, and thought about each of them I realised that they need a, for lack of a better word, reboot.

So these are some early designs for their faces/hair/ages and their transformation stick, which I’m quite happy with. There will be more to come, but for now, their pages have been taken down.

Also, has I have an idea as to what their job now is, they are being renamed to the “Tartarus Senshi” (excuse what I have up on the picture, Doctor Who must hav been on my mind) perhaps, if you got a chance to read some of the manga pages I made, you might be able to work out why.