The Move

Hullo Bloggie! So, I felt as if the time had come for me to leave deviantART, I had an amazing run there, made some friends that I will keep for the rest of my life, but I felt as if the website had become much too much about making money, and keeping itself free from controversy instead of being purely about art and expression.

But, I still wanted a place to upload my art so I can still show it off (even if it does suck) and I didnt really want to use Tumblr, not really my thing, nor Ink Bunny (too much adult work there), so my art currently finds its home here, it might be temporary  or permanence  I’m not sure yet – it depends if I can find another gallery style art sharing website that I like the feel of. The one upside to this is that I should be posting here more often, as I tend to draw quite a lot, and updates should come once I finish my art, well I hope that Ill do that, anyway.

Bestest Finds of 2012 coming soon!!

Caitlin xx