Update update update uppppdaaatteeee

Hello everyone;

Just a little updatey thing, ive removed all art pages from this blog and all my art is now going to be featured on my Tumblr http://fatgirlgamerart.tumblr.com/ so if you’re looking for that stuff please check there. Ill still likely do posts with what I’ve drawn here but there wont be an actual place for it all.

I’m adding some stuffs onto the about me page, these will be “fandom quizzes” as I call them, things along the lines of “whose your favorite character in insert fandom here” ect. So if you’re interested, please look 🙂


Thats all for now 😀


Caitlin xx


More arts and illusive muses


First off, I don’t even know how I drew this, I went into this picture hoping it would look like this actually, but often things never turn out that way. I’ve been working more on my Tartarus Senshi but ‘Taker-Mused popped up and said “HELLO! You are to think about me now.” As much as I kind of enjoy the worlds that pop up in my mind when ‘Taker-Muse is in control of my imagination, “he” is a pain in the arse, as it never lets up, my other muses, at the very lest, let me sleep, “he” likes to keep me up till 2:30am trying to pull me out of bed and keep writing.

So, yeah, I’ve been writing a ‘Taker fan-fic again, its going well, I think…

Taker-Muse: You forgot to mention that I’ve all but disappeared now…

Yes, well… you’re back now, arent you?! *cough* anywho….

I am very much looking forward to RAW tomorrow when the actual Undertaker should return! Yay! I am also thinking about re-posting my Fic’s here, but for now, they are safe on my FF.Net page (link on the sidebar.)

Caitlin xx

PS. He can have long hair if I want him to! Its mah drawing! 😛

The Move

Hullo Bloggie! So, I felt as if the time had come for me to leave deviantART, I had an amazing run there, made some friends that I will keep for the rest of my life, but I felt as if the website had become much too much about making money, and keeping itself free from controversy instead of being purely about art and expression.

But, I still wanted a place to upload my art so I can still show it off (even if it does suck) and I didnt really want to use Tumblr, not really my thing, nor Ink Bunny (too much adult work there), so my art currently finds its home here, it might be temporary  or permanence  I’m not sure yet – it depends if I can find another gallery style art sharing website that I like the feel of. The one upside to this is that I should be posting here more often, as I tend to draw quite a lot, and updates should come once I finish my art, well I hope that Ill do that, anyway.

Bestest Finds of 2012 coming soon!!

Caitlin xx

It has been awhile….

Its been a very long time since I last posted here, I kinda feel guilty, its not that I havent had things to talk about I just havent ended up posting them — and then whenever I run CCleaner, I loose my log in and I cant remember my password so I have to get it changed and its all very round-about :/.


Anywho, not much has really changed, I have a new computer and I am back playing WoW (no surprises there, the pandas are pretty cool though.)

I’ve discovered a few more games and watched a few good movies this year (Avengers, Wreck-it-Ralph to name a few) but I wont post my reviews for them here, it will be more than my normal backlog and I dont really want to type it all! lol


I do plan, sometime soon, to do like an favorite internet finds of 2012 or something, I found some awesome cute kitties and the like this year so it shall be good, I hope.


Anyway my hand is getting tired because I lost my typing style and I dont seem to use all my fingers anymore :/


Caitlin xx