It has been awhile….

Its been a very long time since I last posted here, I kinda feel guilty, its not that I havent had things to talk about I just havent ended up posting them — and then whenever I run CCleaner, I loose my log in and I cant remember my password so I have to get it changed and its all very round-about :/.


Anywho, not much has really changed, I have a new computer and I am back playing WoW (no surprises there, the pandas are pretty cool though.)

I’ve discovered a few more games and watched a few good movies this year (Avengers, Wreck-it-Ralph to name a few) but I wont post my reviews for them here, it will be more than my normal backlog and I dont really want to type it all! lol


I do plan, sometime soon, to do like an favorite internet finds of 2012 or something, I found some awesome cute kitties and the like this year so it shall be good, I hope.


Anyway my hand is getting tired because I lost my typing style and I dont seem to use all my fingers anymore :/


Caitlin xx


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