Video Game Review: Mass Effect 3 (Genuine)

I’m still pretty new to the world of Mass Effect, in fact I only just started playing it last year, but I have played all three games in the Saga, with the same Shepard. So, despite my late entry I have had the full experience… and, like a lot of fans, I am extremely upset with the ending of this game.

!!Spoiler Alert!!

I know there are a lot of people out there that are happy with the ending of the game, but it does seem like the majority of people dislike it, or hate it… to me it just makes me feel that everything I did (through my first play through I play as if it was myself in the situation and pick the option that I would naturally) made no difference! In the end it came down to a stupid number, and I got to pick three things options without questioning told to me by some creepy kid/god construct thing that I’m sure was actually Harbinger. (I am a semi believer in the Indoctrination Theory)  And then poor Garrus ends up stuck on an island with Joker and not with Shepard so they cant adpot Grex their Krogan baby and..!!! *Fangirl spazam*

But, the ending aside, it IS a good game… the story leading up to the ending is actually well developed and I haven’t found a mission I want to skip over somehow, I like playing them all. Its nice seeing the choices that were made coming full circle (though I wish I had kept Legion alive…) even if there are a couple of cop-outs like Tali’s face. (which, I think its a nice design, they just should have done it better) and I did want to see a female Turian and an actual female Krogan, not some male Krogan with loads of clothing on and a female voice… oh and I wanted to see Kadian and Garrus get into the male version of a cat fight over Shep…but…eh.


All in all I do enjoy the game, even if I do end it after the end of the Cerberus base mission.


8.5/10 (might have gotten a 10 if it wasn’t for the ending.)


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