Video Game Review: Star Wars The Old Republic

!! Spoiler Alert!!

Oh my gosh, how I love this game!! The more I play it the more I love it and the less I miss WoW, which is rather sad, I do miss my Guild and the people I met there, but we say connected with Facebook and I’ll end up back there anyway, I’m sure.

In Game Terms Will Be Used In This Review

I got to first play on the Beta stress test weekend, and I was hooked from the moment my character talked!  I mean they have full on Dragon Age/Mass Effect style conversations and its awesome! (Snarky Sith Inquisitor is awesome.) and I must have spent that whole weekend on the computer because I don’t remember doing much else.

SWTOR isn’t supposed to be out in Australia until June, or August or something like that but I couldn’t wait that long so I got it off Amazon and it was worth the $80.

Every classes story is different and it really gives you a feel like you belong in the world, you’re not doing something everyone else is necessarily doing, and your “Story Area”‘s are your own, no one else can enter them if you don’t want them to. Instances are everywhere and most you can do on your own (ala Champions Online and DC Universe.)  There is also super fun spaceship fighting and pew pew action!

The only thing that has disappointed me so far is the steep prices for spells, and most of all, Speeders and Speeder Training. I didn’t find out how much it would cost until I got to lvl 23 and that left me 2 lvls to get 40,000 credits… still working on it. But I think the class customization makes up for that, I might play a Sith Inquisitor, but she is a Sorceress whom loves to shoot lighting, while others heal, or go as far as to tank. (and is a super sexy orange alien.)


I could go on and on, but talking about it has made me want to play!





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