Video Game Review: DC Universe Online

I’m not sure if I should place a Spoiler Alert here… I haven’t, at this moment, done anything ground breaking in the story-line and its pretty much already out there. So, no spoiler warning… but I might spoil things accidentally and for that, I am sorry.

In game terms will be used in this review.

Villains are more fun!

I found out that DCUC went F2P from a guildmate whom as been playing it as well, so I figured I’d give it a download. I had played another Superhero MMO, Champions Online, which is also F2P, but I pay for an optional subscription. At first I wasnt sure why DC/SoE would want to make this F2P, but after playing I found out why.

Bugs…. loads and loads of frustrating little bugs. It seems more like an open beta than a fully completed game… and the one server per system, region and play style doesn’t help things. That being said however; its actually an enjoyable game.

The story-line is actually rather well done to make it believable that even MORE superheros exist on DC’s Earth and Mulitverse. The powers are fun and the basic fighting style is unique. You get a real sense of being a Super Hero or Villain when you are fighting your everyday goons/do-gooders, and when you do come across a rival super, you feel a real sense of accomplishment when you take them down!

I havent done any group instances or PVP yet, I’m only lvl 14 at the moment.

So, if you can get past the bugs, and the hordes of other players, you’ll enjoy this game. And you dont even have to be a big DC fan to enjoy it. (I know very little about DC Comics, but I’m having a good time 😉 )



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