Video Game Review: SPORE

!! Spoiler Alert!!

Ooo, I’m slow off the mark on this one… and that being said this wont be a long review. It wasnt that I didnt like the game, I found it interesting to a point. I guess it lost me with its trying to be… five games in one. If it had of suck to the first person, running around view, or the RTS type of buildingness it would have been a much better game. I guess the customizeation makes up for it a little, but once you build your spaceship and head off, I got extreamly bored, its supposed to be the climax of the game, and it was just…meh. I really didnt care about all those other planets and aliens, I just wanted to build my cities, and I even didnt get much say in that.


So… It still sits on my quickstart bar, and maybe, if I get bored enough one day, I might click it and start playing again, but I dont find it very likely.




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