T.V Star?

I think its pretty common knowledge in Australia at the moment that the Wiggles (extremely popular Children’s entertainment group) are running a comp for Adults (or large children as I like to think of myself) to find a “Fifth Wiggle” to preform with them on their 2oth anniversary tour (that’s right, the Wiggles and I were “Born” on the same year, and, as I am lead to believe, the same DAY.) So I entered;

I guess I’m not as shy as I used to be. Long story short, I was contacted by someone from the Australian television Channel, Channel 7 (Awesome name, right?) at first I didnt believe that it was them, until I got a phone call from my sister, whom had gotten a phone call from her Best Friend that I was on their show, Today-Tonight (this in it self was a shock due to the fact that they mostly do stories about dole bluggers and dogey tradesmen.)

But there I was, and here I am!

I think they picked me because I state that I suck at the end of the video… ah well.

So, if I win, which is unlikely, I will post something up here, or on my newly rockin Vlog >>

Caitlin xx


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