It’s all coming to an end.

That sounds a little foreboding, doesnt it? lol – But the fact of the matter is, in nine days I will have left my teenage years behind… But I wonder if that really means anything. When you turn thirteen (or ten, what ever way you want to look at it) its made out to be some big, awesome thing. But being a Teenager sucks, lol. I dont think I know one person that really had “good” teenage years, they say you’re supposed to look back on those years and think they were the best of your life… I know I’m only young, but I dont think I’ll do that, but I have had pretty rough ones.

And I’m sure this is where you go “Oh, every kid your age thinks that”, but I’m pretty sure most teens dont get so scared of the outside world that when Mormons come that they hide in the bathroom curled but in the fetal position. I dont want to gripe on about it though, I’m hoping that when I turn twenty that I can leave all my panic and depression behind, and hopefully become the person I want to be.


Ok, I was going to write more, but I really cant think of anything.


On a side note, I’m going to be eating my first Bento today – cant wait!


Caitlin xx


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