Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

!!Spoiler Warnings!!

Its the end, maybe… possibly… Who knows as far as the Master known as Joanne Rowling is concerned. Still, I am sad but happy. At first, I didnt want anything to do with the world of Harry Potter, I thought it was just some fad that would pass with time… that was until my Mum (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) took me to see Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone during a Melbourne holiday and the rest, as they say, is history. (And Harry Potter isnt the first of my obsessions for this to have happened with.) 

….Disturbing….but funny…

The thing I am most glad about is that there was no backtracking, we got right in the thick of it! And even though pretty much everything was changed, I loved it… and that’s not normal for me when it comes to movies changing books, but the fact of the matter is, they could not have done what J.K wrote out… but they kept the best bits, and I think the Harry/Voldemort fight was much cooler in the movie. *gasp* Blasphemy! I wouldnt have liked it if it was written that way, but maybe I wouldnt like how it would have played out on screen even if they did keep the fight to the book.

Ok, I feel like I’m talking out of my arse again…

Harry’s still alive reveal was much, much cooler though – and when he appears in the school, that was pretty awesome. Still, I wanted to see Grandma Longbottom, and actually see Fred’s death, I wanted to see Percy make a joke!

The Luna, Nevile romance sub-plot was, interesting. I never got that vibe from them in the books, they were just too outcasts that found best friends out of each other for me. Maybe they did date, I don’t know, but they don’t end up together. But, I guess it was kinda cute.

This was also the first movie I saw in the new 3D, not the crappy, cellophane glasses one. FUCK it was amazing! I wanted to reach out and touch all the smoke that was Voldi… and it almost made my sister cough.

Ok, time to stop blubbering. All in all I enjoyed the second part, but I dont feel that they needed to brake the movies up considering all the crap they kept and could of got rid of in the first one (weird dancing scene anyone?) but it got right into the action and was awesome.



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