Time to update I suppose;


Not a lot in my life has changed, which its kinda depressing, now that I am well-ish again I’d like to be able to go out into the world and actually contribute and not live off Government benefits, and, even though this might surprise some people, actually not spend all day, every day playing World of Warcraft or Dragon Age.

I am trying to work on that; but I have so many things I would like to try and do that my plan changes almost weekly (Right now I’m looking at ITC courses at TAFE) but give it a week and I’ll have changed my mind completely again. I guess I just want to get as many experiences as I can…

Since I updated, I got myself an iPhone 4, yay! I’ve been wanting one for awhile, and I like it – I think the people that complain are just the people that dont look after them.

I also now have a huge Sonic Plushy!;


Me and Sonic!

and a Yoshi figure!;


and last, but most defiantly not least, I have officially fed and Otter and have it sit on my head;


So, I guess thats it for now.

Caitlin xx

This post is dedicated to Zazzle, the little kitty whose life was taken far too soon. 


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