Video Game Review: Dragon Age II

I shudder to think how many hours of this game I have wasted I life on…heh. I loved DA:Origins, it wasn’t one of those games I would have picked up off the shelf and gone “Well, this looks like my kind of game.” If it hadn’t of been for a Game Review show here in Australia I would have completely passed it by. (Good Game on ABC2 if you’re wondering.) So when I heard about DA2… well, I dont think exited was the word.


First off, I was upset when I found out you’re stuck as a human, maybe thats a little hypocritical, as my main in DAO was a human noble, but I enjoyed all the Origin stories and I was upset that they got rid of them… but I can see why they did it, to make a more liner story and that they didnt have to factor in so many variables for “Hawke”.



At first, to me, it seems like the story within the story in DAO… you as (Chosen Name) Hawke are fleeing Lothering, the place where “The Warden” Alistair and Morrigan (and Dog) end up when they start their journey to unite Ferelden against the Darkspawn Blight.  Depending on if you are a Warrior or Rogue you and your little brother Carver where at Ostigar too, and were one of the few survivors, and knew of Teryn Logain’s betrayal. If you are a Mage, you stayed behind with your mother and little sister Bethany (also a Mage) while Caver went to Ostigar alone.   Bethany, and yourself if a Mage, are Apostiates, never being a part of the Circle as your father (dead before the start of the game) was one as well, and most of your life as been hiding from/protecting Bethany from the Templars. As one of the surivors of Lothering, you are fleeing the darkspawn.

Eventually it evolves itself into its own story once you reach Kirkwall… but “the Wardens” story is ever evident, most noticeable if you import your own game and has appearances from notable characters from DAO (Namely, Isabella, the Pirate you play cards with, and perhaps sleep with in the Pearl, as a companions, as well as Merill, and her Dalish Clan. Along with semi-minor appearances from Alistair, Zevran, Lilanna and Flemith. Along with everyones favorite father and son, Bohdan and Sandal.)


Closing Statements

I wasn’t sure at first, but I do like this game, slow to take off, but I now enjoy it as much as I did the first one, and it still has that replay value even if you cant have a different start each time. I really recomend playing with a Sarcastic Hawke, makes the game much more fun!



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