Video Game Review: World of Warcraft; Cataclysm (BETA)

Its pretty common knowledge to those who know me, or at least watch me on deviantART that I am an avid (perhaps bordering on an addiction) World of Warcraft player and near the start of the Cataclysm Beta I got my invite, and as soon as I was able I logged on to play. Now, it is hard to give a review on a game simply based on Beta tests due to all the bugs ect. but I will do my best and if needed I will do another review once I have played my retail copy.

In game terms will be used in this review.


First impressions were, amazing. Flying around SW with my juiced up Pre-made toon was amazing, and seeing the Park in flames for the first time was pretty cool. I had the same feeling of awe as I flew around Org. Once my main toon was transfered I dived into the leveling process of 80-85 (I already felt that only 5 levels was a bit of a cop out on Blizzards part…) Mount Hyjal is a crazily fun zone, and was a place I’ve wanted to be able to play in since I first played. I think the World Tree could have been a little more impressive, but thats nit-picking.


However, the other zones lost there fun after about an hour, but, as I say, this was Beta and Hyjal seemed to be the only completed zone in my time of playing and having to deal with bugs can take away from fun… however, no quests were overly memorable, and due to this it took me a little longer than intended to get from level 80 to 85, as I just didnt want to bother.


As for the two new races, it truly depends on personal preferences for starting zones (I would say “among other things” but if you dont like a starting zone you are not going to play that race again.) I loved the Worgen starting zone, as a major Lore fan it was fun to span a timeline from the Scourge of Lorderon to the Cataclysm (Second Sundering) and seeing the story progress of your own character. The Goblin starting area is….well… if you like mindless, senseless fun, then enjoy, but I never finished it. (The car was fun though.)


So, those are my current impressions of Cataclysm, things may change once it hits retail in a few weeks, but right now… its very unimpressive.




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