New Blog, Old Habits.

So, I guess this is the start of my newest blog, and I’m sure it will have the same death as all the rest of them have ended up with, floating dead through space the last post being from 2007… I guess it may be different now, as I dont plan to make this an all the time thing, I just want a place to post things here and there so it wont clog up my website that I would like to take on more of a business like feel, as I have planned in the past to try and get into the web design business.

Speaking of which; I realise I did not create this layout, as it tends to be something I am rather proud of doing, but right now I only have SAI Painttool on my PC after I had to do a major reformat/drive wipe after I got a pretty nasty Trojan and I just havent yet bothered to install everything back on yet. Maybe I will make a layout once I install everything again but I like this layout and it works for right now. If you read my sidebar I think you’ll get the gist of what this blog is going to be, and during today I will upload the first of my reviews and maybe an opinion piece or two but then the postings will slow down, a lot… I dont even know why I’m typing as if someone else is going to read this…


Wow, that sounded depressive…. Anyway, if anyone does read this enjoy.


Caitlin xx


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