Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

!!Spoiler Warnings!!

Dear Warner Brothers Entertainment (Ltd?), thank you very much these past years turning the Harry Potter series of books into movies, I enjoy them muchly, but do you really feel the need that people wont go see the last installment of the “Motion Picture Event a Generation” that you felt it THAT necessary to cut the movie in one of the most annoying places possible? I know this is all about making money and all, but seriously, it just pissed me off.

Now that that is out of the way. I did actually enjoy the movie. Before you start asking yourself; yes I have read the books. Yes, all of them, more than fifty times over, I lost count after awhile and when I got my copy of the book that this movie is based on I read it in eight and a half hours. That being said, I am going to talk in a way that assumes you have read the book, and as such will spoil things, you’ve been double warned now.


As with any movie, they have changed, removed and added things. Due to the play down (and almost removal) of Kreacher from the movies there is no heartfelt moment with Harry and the house elf… they show Hermione wiping the memories of her parents and then show that she has a hard time doing it to the Death Eaters that attack them in the cafe. The chase with the Seven Potters is different, there is no Stan, and Harry does not use Expelliamus to protect himself, but I think the fight in the movie is a bit cooler. There is no Charlie but we do finally meet Bill. I didn’t cry like I expected to with Hedwig and Dobby’s deaths, I did in the book, and I was expecting to in the movie, but I didn’t. (I cried more with Hedwig than I did with Dobby if anyone was wondering.)

If they had have ended the movie about two-three minutes earlier, I would have left the theater happy, but they had to leave on a cliffhanger, and thats my only real complaint.

7.5/10 (Would have gotten an 8 if it wasnt for the ending.)


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