Game Review: Sonic Colours (Colors)

I will admit, I bought this game for one reason, and one reason only; Yes, the hat. But I gave the game ago anyway. It was the Sonic title this year that I was least looking forward to, already spending most of my days playing Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and being rather disappointed with it…and infuriated but as soon as I started playing the bright, aimed at kids type game I found myself really enjoying it, and chuckling at the cute little cut scenes.


I played Sonic Unleashed on both the Wii and the PS3 and when I heard it was going to be based on some of the game play there, as long as it was the daytime type of gameplay I knew it would be at least semi-enjoyable, but I think they made it better, there was only one level when the controls made me angry (I used the Classic Controller) but the rest of the time I had fun with it. The Wisp powers are a great addition I think, I normally dislike game mechanics like these, where you have to be good at each of the given “power-ups” to get through a level, and I will completely admit I suck at lining up the Laser and I always get suck in Frenzy, but it doesnt seem to to matter so much, there is always another option or three if you know you’re a noob at that certain skill, and half the time these little area’s produce something like a bunch of rings, another life or these new, very Mario-ekt Red Rings… and it is the first game I have EVER played (other than World of Warcraft, but it doesn’t count) that I have enjoyed the final boss in such away I want to do the fight over and over.

I have played a little of the multiplayer, it seems fun enough.


It seems this time around SEGA have “cut the fat” so to speak and we just have Sonic and Tails (with the little Wisp Yakker) as our heroes and Doctor Robotnik/Eggman (with his two new robots whose names escape me at the moment) as our villain. As someone who loves some of the “extra” (as some critics have taken to calling them) characters like Shadow, I did like this choice. Its been a long time since we’ve been able to see some bestfriend/brotherlyness from these two, and its pretty full of it here, and seeing them talk with each other made me smile. The basic story is that Eggman has opened a theme park consisting of planet sized attractions, and Sonic and Tails seek inside, as Sonic is sure his arch enemy is up to something… I cant say much more with out spoiling, and I dont wanna spoil.

Subsection – Voices

Ah, the debate that has been raging since Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic X – the voice actors. When I got into this world of Sonic the Hedgehog it was the 4KIDS group of actors, and I liked them, even though I will admit that work needed to be done, but after Unleashed I felt that Jason did a great job on Sonic, the werehog voice was great, and I had always liked his Shadow voice and I was disappointed when I found out everyone but Mike (Eggman) had been replaced. I was among the many people that clicked on that released (or was it leaked?) cut scene from Colours, I liked Tails’ new voice right away, but I wasnt so sure on Sonic’s, and after hearing that little giggle that Rodger Craig Smith did *from the video above* it grew on me even if I still find it strange that Ezio from Assassins Creed is voicing him… as for everyone else, well, Amy sounds like Mini-Mouse and Shadow now sounds like the the original 4KIDS dub of James from Team Rocket, but everyone else seems fine.

Closing Statements

All in all, I loved playing this game, and I will go back and play it again one of these days, or at least go 100% on all the levels or something. I also very much enjoyed those little “suprises” you get when you attacked the scoring screen and attacking the end credits is always fun.



2 thoughts on “Game Review: Sonic Colours (Colors)

  1. Hm, I came here randomly and decided to read about this post lol. It’s nice to see a girl like playing Sonic The Hedgehog games 😛

    I’m a Sonic fanatic myself, and I liked Sonic Colo(u)rs as well. I’m moreso a competitive gamer nowadays, so if you want to be impressed, you can take a look at my Youtube channel if you like.

    What would you say is your favorite Sonic game?

    • Hehe, well I’m glad you came! — I play more than Sonic the Hedgehog 😉

      I might have a check of your Youtube, should be good 😀 – as for my favorite Sonic game… I really liked Sonic Adventure… well, the PS3Network version, my parents were/are Nintendo people and I had no choice in what console I played growing up so I’ve only just become a Sonic fan in the last couple of years.

      Thanks for subscribing too! 😀

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